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Mind-blowing photorealistic renders up to 8K and up to 4K 200fps video flythroughs. We can even host for you or your clients to explore in virtual reality or on a browser on their mobile and desktop devices.


Sell your property before the ground is even broken. Gain prior development/zoning permissions and focus on construction and selling. We can assemble it all from just a 2D architectural plan and splice it into any photography of the vacant plot areas.


Powered by Lumion, Enscape, Vectorworks, Maya, Octane, Cinema4D, Revit, Unreal Engine & more.


Examples and further information: click here.




With a vast range of many industry standard programs, over 4TB DDR4 RAM and growing over multiple machines, a strong uplink and dedicated server power - we can handle it all.

3D Brand Extrusion


Have a 2D logo? We can turn it 3D and animate it for you, and incorporate it anywhere.



Bring your brand logo to life, brilliant for eye catching visual marketing to capture your audiences attention, for consumption anywhere.

Holography Effects & Laser Work


Incorporate your branding as a holographic effect with diffraction and interferometry of 3D sources.


Throw your brand as a rendered 3D laser onto mountain sides, massive buildings, even into the sky. With LiFePO4 battery technology, there's also no limit to where this can be can be deployed, as it can be fully portable.

Virtual Reality


The deployment of virtual and augmented reality enables the environments and products you want to sell to be accessed by you and your target market.


We can even internationally post the equipment out for you, along with your branded video instructions, for your consumer to access it, fully hosted.

Projection Mapping


From trees, humans, massive structures, surfaces, to simple and complex objects, augment it with this exciting technology - give 3D movement to the still.


We can even incorporate your branding using projector units from 3000 to 30000 lumens each with short and massive throw capability in any space.

Corporate Events


Hosting a conference? Need a big video backdrop? A user friendly media clicker in your hand? An autocue at your feet? Do you just need content?



Come to us. We can supply all of the audio visual you need to get your point across to everyone and anyone in attendance.

Cinematic Applications


Whether indoor, outdoor or even a drive in cinema - allow us to show films for you.


Licensing is even taken care of, with a selection of over 13000 titles at SMPTE standards - showcase your own premieres of your own productions for your business brand, too.

Web Services


We can supply anything web wise, from SaaS integration, on/offsite hosting, full stack development, search engine optimisation and more for consumption on any device.


Make your idea work for you - app development, paywall integration, monetization, event coverage hosting, funneling, analysis and everything else.


If you can think of it, it can be done.

Video Information


From media for staff training, webinar hosting, to animated infomatics for all devices, we can render anything from your storyboard idea in order for you to inform, fully branded.


Onboarding can be done effectively saving time and resources with media of your choosing.

Everything Else


Staging, huge sound, power, lighting, bar systems and more.

Sister company Theta Productions is here to run your event.



Fully turnkey event production, whatever event you would like to be supplied in the U.K & Europe, we've got it covered.


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